Today I did nothing

And I spent too much money

On stuff that I don’t need and

that I actually actively dislike


I bought

Two burnt coffees

Some wooden spoons that are

Too long for the tea jar

A rug woven in a factory in China

Using cotton from India, and

A square of Taiwanese cheesecloth,

For making cheese one day

And someone’s old clothes from an op shop

That smell musty and are slightly damp because

I also got caught in the rain



An embarrassment of riches

As they say

It was my day off

My first day as a part-timer

And all I could think was


‘But I was trying to outrun capitalism’


I had a such good day,

Despite world events and the weather

Buying things

And not caring

About whether I really needed them or not

And what they said about my personality

Or the type of person I would become

Over the passage of time,

And whether that person's clothes would be sort of clothes

That someone would one day carry home

From the op shop

On their day off

Soaking wet

In the rain.