Always slipping away

Catalogue essay for Always Slipping Away by Liz Coats, Merryn Lloyd and Sophie Quinn

Image: Merryn Lloyd

The In-Between

Catalogue essay for The In-Between by Madeline Bishop

Image: Madeline Bishop, Deb, Yuyi and Georgia, 2016

The Fall 2017-2018

Catalogue essay for The Fall 2017-2018 by David Rosendale

Image: David Rosendale, Falls Creek #76, November 2017, archival pigment print on rag

Red Brick Road

Catalogue essay for Red Brick Road by Jane Duong

Image: Jane Duong

A blow, a slap, a punch, a puff of wind

Catalogue essay for She absorbed and endured an infinity of small rebuffs by Amelia Dowling and Helani Laisk

Image: Amelia Dowling, The longest goodbye (detail), 2017

Half ether, half dew mixed with sweat

Image: Half ether, half dew mixed with sweat, Neil Roberts, 2000. Source: NGA